7. Fish Fryer Anvil – Frozen Chip Mccains – Single – Elec

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* A unique unit developed by McCain and Anvil to produce a perfect chip straight from the freezer to the plate
* Specially designed tilt-up head for easy removal of oil tank to drain the oil
* Microswitch disconnects power when element box is removed or tilted
* Automatic safety cut-out to prevent oil flashing ? manual resettable
* Use with McCain frozen chips for best results
* Fries frozen chips within 3 minutes* preventing oil saturation, producing a crispier and tastier chip
* 3.4kW element reduces recovery time
* Operating temperature range: 50*C -190*C
* The oil tank has slip-away handles for easy removal
* Rugged Stainless Steel wire basket with insulated handle
* Larger basket design promotes even cooking and better oil drainage
* Recommended portion size 300g per 5Lt tank
*Unit tested under controlled conditions. Variables may affect the outcome.

DIMENSIONS 288 x 448 x 282mm



Anvil is one of South Africa’s most recognized and widely accepted brands within the commercial food service equipment industry. Since the company’s inception in 1966 and where it is now, Anvil has earned the catering industry’s trust and respect in many markets.


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