Fish Fryer Basket – Anvil (Ffa3200)

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* 20Lt oil capacity for twin basket operation
* Large surge area tank design
* Large 40mm drain valve with extension tube
* Cold zone design allows debris to collect in the bottom of the tank, prolonging the oil life
* Temperature thermostatically controlled with safety cut-out to prevent oil flashing
* Flame failure safety cut-off valve
* Manual Pilot Flame ignition
* Rugged Stainless Steel wire basket with insulated handle
* Adjustable feet for levelling
* Operating temperature range: 50*C -190*C



Anvil is one of South Africa’s most recognized and widely accepted brands within the commercial food service equipment industry. Since the company’s inception in 1966 and where it is now, Anvil has earned the catering industry’s trust and respect in many markets.