Vegetable preparation machine including 5 blades

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Recommended to:
Hotels, old age homes, hospitals, school hostels, caterers, and pizzerias.

Suitable for:
Slicing, dicing, grating vegetables, and grating cheese.

Design Features:

• Aluminium and magnesium alloy body.
• Fitted with 4 non-slip rubber feet.
• Fitted with a safety micro switch to stop operation when the cover is opened.
• Rounded edges for easy cleaning.
• Easy to operate.
• Feeder stick and cleaning brush included.
• Removable hinged lid equipped with a large half-moon hopper and cylindrical hopper.
• Ventilated motor, allowing continuous operation.
• Motor thermal protection against overheating.

Vegetable preparation machine including 5 blades

Model SmartChef A1-VP60
Electricity 0.55kW, 220V, Single Phase
Dimensions 560 x 290 x 560mm high
Weight 23Kg
Speed Single Speed 375 rpm
Blades included (1x) 2mm slicer
(1x) 4mm slicer
(1x) 2mm grater
(1x) 3mm grater
(1x) 7mm grater
Hopper dimensions Large half-moon 104cm2
Cylindrical 58mm diameter
Packed dimensions 565 x 295 x 565mm high
Packed weight 26Kg
Country of origin China
Order Code  VPS0001